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Sawubona, wamkelekile!

Welcome to our Bika | Senaite Health demo. It adds clinical functionality to Bika LIMS, Patients, Doctors, Referrers, Clinical Cases, interfaces with clinical instruments and EMR. Also used in veterinary settings with animal subjects and forms the basis for Bika projects in bio-informatics

Cutting Edge

This is version 1.2 of Bika evolution Senaite. We are currently upgrading and re-configuring... Known demo issues

The Core Senaite professional developers are three quarters through the migration from Bika Health 3


Issue tracker

Please log any hidden bugs you uncover in the Issue tracker and do not hesitate to contact us at  with any questions you might have. Your informed bug reports will be greatly appreciated. The system's core functionality is used in production already, peripheral issues are being resolved fairly rapidly

Email  for labmanager credentials, including information about your lab and nature of tests, region and yourself for best assistance. We also want to protect the demo's look and feel;-)

Apart from Health Care, configurations for standard LIMS, Water Quality, Environmental Management and Cannabis will be available soon

Chemistry and Microbiology demo


The User Manual is dated now, basics still hold true.Else, please post to the  and Senaite user lists. Do Google first, there is a big Bika knowledge base online. Bika user list archive · Community · Translations


Professional LIMS Services Catalogue

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Requirements Analysis, Design, Customisation
Project Management · Quality Assurance
Integration, Hosting, Training and Support


What makes Bika unique
 · Benefits and Features

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